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再開しました!2022年度 物質生命理工学科コロキウム

Multifunctional Stealth Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

日時/場所  2022年 10月 6日(木) 13:30-14:30 9-456A

講師にHolger Stephan先生(ドイツHZDR, 主任研究員)をお招きして、以下の内容でご講演いただきます。皆様お誘い合わせのうえご参加ください。


Due to their size and surface charge, nanoparticles are often recognized as foreign objects by the body’s own immune system and eliminated by its scavenger cells. This lecture will focus on the development and characterization of tiny nanoparticles, embracing silicon quantum dots, polyglycerols, superparamagnetic iron oxide and upconverting nanophosphors for biomedical applications.