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International Undergraduate Program

The Faculty of Science and Technology is dedicated to imparting cross-disciplinary knowledge that seamlessly integrates science and technology.

Guided by the motto “human and environmental support,” the Faculty is committed to cultivating students who can proactively contribute to the realization of societies that flourish in harmony with nature. The overarching goal is to instill in students the adaptability required for thriving in today’s knowledge-based societies.

In response to the growing demand for internationalization and environmental issues, the Faculty of Science and Technology proudly presents the Green Science Course (Department of Materials and Life Sciences) and the Green Engineering Course (Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences).

These courses, where all instruction components – classes, examinations, reports, research guidance, and thesis writing – are conducted in English, enable students to exclusively pursue degrees in English. Notably, students from over 20 countries and regions, beyond Japan, have chosen to enroll in these programs. Furthermore, the graduate school features a dedicated “Green Science and Engineering Division” offering education exclusively in English.

We firmly believe that the collaborative study environment, comprising students from diverse nationalities in these English-taught programs, nurtures individuals with global competency. Our aim is to equip students with the skills and perspectives necessary to actively engage in a global society.