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2012年12月19日(月) 13:30~15:00 (L-821室・図書館内)

“Fluorescence Response of Molecular Systems in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids”

講師:Prof. Anunay Samanta(University of Hyderabad, India)

The room temperature ionic liquids, which are commonly salts comprising large organic cations and inorganic anions, and are liquid at ambient conditions, have emerged in recent years as promising media alternative to the environment-polluting volatile common organic solvents. Our interest in these substances has primarily been to explore some of the physical characteristics of these substances by investigating the fluorescence response of carefully chosen molecular systems in these media and then to exploit some of the unique properties of these substances to regulate the photophysical response of the solute molecules. This talk will focus on some our recent findings on these topics that provide information on the microheterogeneous nature of these viscous liquids and time-scale and mechanism of the solvation and photo-induced electron transfer processes in these media. The implications of these findings on the scope and opportunities of the ionic liquids as media for photophysical studies will be described.