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2011年10月18日(火) 13:30~15:00 L-911 (図書館内)

“Electron impact ionization of atoms”

講師:Dr. Ghanshyam Purohit
インド Sir Padampat Singhania大学 准教授 / 本学海外招聘客員教員

The study of electron impact ionization of atoms and molecules has been of interest, since the early days of atomic and molecular physics, since the kinematics of this process are easily controlled, and the electrons or ions resulting from the reaction can be observed with relative ease. Since the first coincident measurement of (e, 2e) process on atoms by Erhardt et al and Amaldi et al extensive theoretical and experimental investigations have been done to measure the TDCS. A number of different theories have been developed, ranging from first-order Born calculations (and variations therein) which are successful at high incident energies and asymmetric geometries to second and higher order Born calculations, which are successful at higher energies in more complex scattering geometries. Variants on these models include distorted wave Born approximations (DWBAs) that have achieved success down to intermediate energies. I will discuss the basics of electron – atom interaction with the theoretical treatment of the problem and summarize the results of recent work done by our group on the (e, 2e) processes on various targets.