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Biological Science

In recent years, there has been an explosion of developments in biological sciences as the riddles of life are unraveled. However, there are more, even deeper riddles, and an unknown world beyond our imagination. Yet, knowledge of the basics of biological science that we do know can be applied directly to new technologies and products and thus enrich our lives. In other words, today’s society needs researchers who can confidently produce basic research in biology and industrialists who can get the most value out of biological science.

The Biological Science program has responded to these needs by cultivating advanced research skills and broadly applicable knowledge in researchers.. Research in the biological sciences is quite segmented, but there are many vital ideas and methods that are can be applied equally to all segments. Graduate students learn various techniques, and while digging deeply into the specialist fields listed below, they attend numerous lectures and thus make their way into the unknown jungle called life and get a feel for the lay of the land.
Advanced research
The level of research is very high, with many papers submitted to international scientific journals. We have a track record of obtaining competitive research funds. Cutting-edge research is being conducted with the help of graduate students.
Direct guidance from instructors
Thanks to small class sizes, students can get direct guidance from instructors on the entire research process, from research design and implementation to experimental technique, information collection methods, and presentation techniques.
Broad scope of learning
Lectures cover a wide range of fields and discuss the fundamentals and cutting-edge issues of each field in a manner that is easy to understand even for graduate students from different specialties. Fields that cannot be covered by full-time staff are addressed by top-class researchers from other universities as guest lecturers.
Faculty Information