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Faculty Information

Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Yusuke Kameda
Yusuke Kameda
  • Job title
    Assistant Professor
  • Research
    Visual information processing, Video coding, Image sensing, 3D video processing, Numerical analysis
  • Profile

    Natural science is a way to clarify what is possible or impossible, and engineering is scientific manufacturing. Among them, computer science is a discipline that regards all phenomena and things as a calculation process. Let’s study together to acquire specialized knowledge and skills and provide new value to the world.
    My major is image processing, especially video motion and flow estimation. Motion and flow information estimated from images is expected to be widely applied to object recognition by computers, self-position estimation and obstacle detection of robots and cars, and fluid measurement and analysis. We are conducting research to estimate motion with high speed and high accuracy. In addition to research, we also teach practical ICT technologies such as programming and server management.

  • Degree

    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science(Chiba University), Master of Computer Science(Chiba University)

  • Research Interests

    Event Based Camera, optical flow, scene flow, motion estimation, Video Coding, visual illusion, Robot Vision, Computer Vision, Visual Media Processing, 3D Video, Image Sensing, Numerical Analysis, Visualization