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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Tomoyo Misawa-Suzuki
Tomoyo Misawa-Suzuki
  • Job title
    Associate Professor
  • Research
    Studies on Molecular Conversion Reactions on Multi-nuclear Metal Complexes
  • Profile

    2011-2014 Sophia University / Graduate school of Sopohia University ‘Syntheses of dinuclear ruthenium complexes and studies on their electronic structures, redox behaviors, and reactivities’ 2014-2015 National Instuitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology ‘Studies on standarization of measurement methods for thermal properties of solid materials’ 2015-2018 Graduate school of Sophia University ‘Syntheses of oxido-bridged dinuclear ruthenium complexes and studies on their properties and reactivities for molecular conversion reactions’ 2018-present Sophia University Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Assistant Professor ‘Syntheses of multi-nuclear transition metal complexes and development of molecular conversion reactions’
    For undergraduate school students: Coordination Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, ChemistryI Lab., Seminar For graduate school students: Advanced course of Inorganic Chemistry (Inorganic reaction chemistry)

  • Degree


  • Research Interests

    Bioinorganic Chemistry, Molecular Conversion, Metal Complex