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Faculty Information

Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Kunihito Tanaka
Kunihito Tanaka
  • Job title
    Associate Professor
  • Research
    Surface Treatment and  in Film Deposition with Plasma Technique
  • Profile

    The atmospheric pressure glow plasma (APG) generation method developed in our University is a new technology that can generate non-equilibrium (low temperature) plasma with high density of active species in an atmospheric pressure. I make the best use of the feature of this APG plasma, and conduct applied studies to use the APG plasma for manufacturing industry and basic studies such as the analysis of the reaction in the APG plasma.(Subject of research)
    Study on Ashing Process with Jet-Type Atmospheric Pressure Glow Plasma Reactor
    Deposition of Fluorinated Polymers by Atmospheric Pressure Glow Plasma
    Diagnostic of Atmosphevic Pressure Glow Plasma
    Moisture Prevention Layer Formation on Ammonium Nitrate Powder Surface with Atmospheric Pressure Glow Plasma Deposition Technique
    Defluorination of fluorine contained resin by Atmospheric Pressure Glow Plasma Treatment

  • Degree

    Master of Engineering(Sophia University), 修士(工学)(上智大学), 博士(工学)(上智大学)

  • Research Interests

    フッ素系樹脂, ashing, 大気圧グロープラズマ, 脱フッ素化, Atmospheric Pressure Glow Plasma, Fluorinated Polymers, Atmospheric Pressure Glow, 薄膜堆積, 吸湿性無機粉体