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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Kazuo Takahashi
Kazuo Takahashi
  • Job title
  • Research
    Development of Low-Carbon and Carbon-Free Combustion Technology by Controlling Chemical Reactions
  • Profile

    Specialized Research Theme : Understanding of chemical reactions in combustion and application to carbon-free and environmentally friendly combustion technology
    Currently, more than 80% of the world’s total energy is generated using combustion phenomena. However, since combustion generates air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a greenhouse gas, environmental measures such as so-called “low fuel consumption and low emission combustion” are the most important issues. . Our laboratory aims to develop a new combustion technology that minimizes the burden on the environment by controlling the chemical reaction of combustion from the microscopic viewpoint of chemical reaction. Recent topics include development of environmentally friendly next-generation automobile engines including carbon-free engines, research on new fuels to achieve ultimate thermal efficiency including biofuels, elucidation of soot generation mechanisms, and development of countermeasure technologies.

  • Degree

    Doctor of Engineering(Sophia University)

  • Research Interests

    Carbon-Free Combustion, Ammonia Engine, Carbon Free Fuel, Bio Fuel, ETBE, e-fuel, High-Efficiency Combustion, Super Lean Burn Engine, HCCI Engine, Kocking, Auto-Ignition, Clean Combustion, Exhaust Gas Purification, Soots, Shock Tube, Rapid Compression Machine, Reaction Model, Reaction Mechanism, Chemical Kinetics, Combustion Chemistry, Fire Suppressants, Fluorocarbons, Halon Alternatives, Nano-Particles