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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Kazuhiro Ema
Kazuhiro Ema
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    Optical Physics, Optical Properties of Solids, Photonics
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    1983-1986 Mechanical properties of optical glass fibers 1986-1991 Pulse-shape control of ultrafast optical pulses 1991-2002 Pulse propagation properties in excitonic resonant region 1991-present Nonlinear optics at exciton resonance in semiconductors 1994-present Generation and control of coherent phonons in semiconductors 1995-2001 Optical properties and nonlinear optics in polymers 1996-present Optical properties in organic-inorganic hybrid materials 2004-present Optical properties of photo-catalysis materials   2006-present Optical properties of semiconductor nanocolumns 2006-2010 Optical properties and nonlinear optics in a quantum-dot ensemble 2006-present Anderson localization of light and random lasing 2007-present Optical properties of nitride semiconductors
    I study optical properties in semiconductors and organic materials by means of time-resolved and/or nonlinear spectroscopy with ultrafast optical pulses. Recently I mainly study optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures. For a carrier in education, I have been teaching lectures concerning optics and optical physics for more than ten years, such as “Electromagnetics II”, “Optical physics”, “Quantum optics”, and “Optical properties in solids”. Also I have been teaching a general educational lecture named “Physics in daily life” for more than ten years.
    (Subject of research) Ultrafast Optical Signal Processing Excitonic Nonlinear Optics Optical properties of inorganic-organic materials Optical properties of Photocatalytic materials Optical properties of semiconductor nanostructure Light loclization and random lasing

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    光誘起電子移動, 超分子の光学特性, ハイブリッドペロブスカイト, exciton ,Ultrashort pulse, self-organized materials, Laser, Quantum well, Semiconductor, photocatalysis, Nonlinear Optics ,nanostructure, Anderson localization