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Faculty Information

Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Hiroshi Sakama
Hiroshi Sakama
  • Job title
  • Research
    Growth of thin  lms, Ferroelectric ferromagnet, Photocatalysis, Space contamination
  • Profile

    1999-1997 Reserach on surface at University of Tokyo
    1997- Research on thinfilms at Sophia University(Subject of research)
    Study on Surface Structure
    Crystal growth of thin films
    Discovery of new fluorescent materials

  • Degree

    工学士(東京大学), 工学修士(東京大学), 博士(工学)(東京大学)

  • Research Interests

    Electron Diffraction, Space Contamination, 超伝導性, 誘電性, 水素製, 可視光応答, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, 磁性, Vacuum Evaporation, Photocatalysis