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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Eiko Takaoka
Eiko Takaoka
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  • Research
    Web Informatics, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Information Education
  • Profile

    (Subject of research) Development of a web-based touch-typing education system and analysis of students’ learning activities. Development of Weather Visualization System using Digital Instrument Shelters Development of Communication System Supporting Welfare Volunteer for Local Community Analysis of e-learning activities and proposition of “at-risk student prediction checksheet”.

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  • Research Interests

    ウェブ情報学, Inclusive Communication, Diversity Channel, アジャイル開発, Document Search, Medical Inclusion, 医療ビッグデータ, Computer Science Unplugged, Java Programming, e-learning, Weather Visualization, Touch Typing, Information Education, Digital Instrument Shelters, Programming Education, スマフォ/タブレットアプリ, 多言語情報システム