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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Akihiko Kikuchi
Akihiko Kikuchi
  • Job title
  • Research
    Widegap Semiconductor Nanofabrication/Nanostructuraldevice, Organic-inorganic hybrid optical device, Visible Photonic Crystal
  • Profile

    Reserach Field: Semiconductor Engineering, Optical and Quantum Electronics,
    Nano-crystal Engineering, Organic Semiconductor Devices
    Classes: Analog Electronics Circuit, Optoelectronics, Engineering of Optoelectronic Devices, Engineering and Applied Sciences Lab.1, Engineering and Applied Sciences Lab. 2, Information fluency (Build a WEB page using HTML and css)(Subject of research)
    Development of III-nitride nano-columnar crystals for device application
    Research on multi-color emission mechanism of InGaN nanocolumns and their application for light emitting device
    Short Wavelength semiconductor laser

  • Degree

    工学士(上智大学), 工学修士(上智大学), 博士(工学)(上智大学)

  • Research Interests

    nanofabrication, GaN, InGaN, nanopillar, Photonic Crystals, microLED, LED, LD, Ga2O3, III-Vnitride, nanocolumn, MgZnCdSe, Organic Semiconductor Devices, molecular beam epitaxy