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Mechanical Engineering

The glory of modern Japan, for the most part, is recognized thanks to its world-class engineering industry. Mechanical engineering has played a leading role in this industry. Mechanical engineering is the origin of all industries, and no industry would exist today without it. The objective of this course is to cultivate pioneers in the field of mechanical engineering. In the first stage of the doctoral program (Master’s), students become specialists who can deal with an advanced technological society; in the second stage (Doctorate), they become excellent researchers.

The courses are taught by instructors specializing in various fields of mechanical engineering, such as material mechanics, mechanical dynamics, heat engineering, fluid engineering, precision engineering, control engineering, and materials science. Each instructor is working on pioneering research in the field of mechanical engineering with a focus on manufacturing. We are confident that we can cultivate top technologists and researchers in manufacturing, who, after completing this program, can perform with high standards in a broad range of fields.
Superior research
Course instructors are active in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers as well as in numerous other academic societies, and they obtain scientific research grants and compete for funds from government agencies to conduct world-class research.
Cultivating technologists and researchers having knowledge of software as well as hardware systems
Under the tutelage of course instructors, program graduates become world-class design engineers, R&D specialists, system engineers, and teachers.
Faculty Information