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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The information revolution of the twenty-first century has brought globalization and an age of major competition. This program has the objective of contributing to the world by building a sustainable information society; strengthening the organic connection between creativity, transmission, and application; and fueling the desire to provide an opportunity for students to acquire comprehensive knowledge. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is not only a source of wonderful technological innovations but is also a fountain of derivative subjects and provides the basic technology for many fields.
A balance of research, education, and application
This program aims to give students strong leadership skills and creativity in addition to the fundamental academic ability to fulfill a leadership role in technological R&D. The program provides research guidance and lectures to improve research methods and awareness of problems to high levels. Graduate students can easily participate in joint research programs at overseas universities or in research programs in different fields at Sophia.
Global research activities
Under the tutelage of instructors, graduate students can participate in advanced research, submit papers to scientific journals, and make presentations at international conferences. The school’s high-tech research center is used for joint research between research institutions and companies as well as national research projects, and we continue to bolster our flexible research system and facilities.
Design your own graduate course
Students from other faculties are welcome because we are continuously exploring new fields. Students who produce extraordinary research results may finish the course early. Students can participate in overseas study programs. We are developing an environment that would help to reduce the economic burden of students.
Faculty Information