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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Tomoharu Shibuya
Tomoharu Shibuya
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    Cryptography and Information Security, Coding eory, Information eory, Applied Mathematics
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    1991- Applications and fundamental aspects on the error correcting codes, especially on the parameters of algebraic codes 2001- On the performance of LDPC codes and their decoding algorithm 2008- On the convergence behavior of the iterative decoding 2010- Efficient encoding algorithm for linear codes and related topics Coding for Non-volatile memory 2011- Construction of quantum error correcting codes On the convergence bihavior of the iterative decoding
    (Subject of research) Error Correcting Codes with Iterative Decoding Researches in the Parameters of Algebraic Codes

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    符号化, LDPC Codes, 線形符号, Error Correcting Codes, 線形連立方程式, Iterative Decoding, Parameters of Codes