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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Satoshi Horikoshi
Satoshi Horikoshi
  • Job title
  • Research
    Green Technology and Green Chemistry
  • Profile

    (Subject of research)
    Development of the environmental treatment by microwave novel photocatalyst method
    Development of the water treatments method using the microwave electrodeless discharged lamp
    Novel synthesis of nanoparticle with a hybrid microwave and micro-reactor method
    The elucidation of a microwave magnetic field effect
    Development of the activated carbon / zeolite composite material which aimed at radioactive material adsorption
    Investigation of the microwave in the biochemistry field
    Photo organic synthesis using a photocatalyst
    Fixation of CO2 using a photocatalyst

  • Degree

    学士(化学)(明星大学), 修士(化学)(明星大学), 博士(化学)(明星大学)

  • Research Interests

    魚の成長促進, マイクロ波触媒, 虫の成長促進, 植物の成長促進, 水素エネルギー, プラスチックのリサイクル, ゴムのリサイクル, Microwave Science, Microwave chemistry, electromagnetic wave, Microwave, Enzyme, Enciromental protection, Photocatalysis, Environmental protection, MDEL, Nanoparticle