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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Noriyuki Hisamori
Noriyuki Hisamori
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    Environmental material strength, Biomaterial Science, Sports Medicine
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    1999- •Department of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia Univers, Structional and functional biomaterials
    1999- •Department of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia Univers, Environmental strength and furacture strenngthIn late years aging in my country lets affection of motor function such as osteoporosis by alteration such as a bone or articular cartilage, osteoarthritis of spine, osteoarthritis increase. Therefore be aimed for improvement of rich quality of life in health, and the living habits that took in sports are spreading broadly. However, with increase and aging of the action population, locomotorium injury such as a fracture, ligamentous breakdown, a cartilage injury increases again, too. A treatment of such a locomotorium disorder is one of a future medical problem. It is important to return attribute of locomotorium, configuration, a physical characteristic to an as possible original physiological state.
    I study organism material replacing it in a bone, cartilage, band, arthrosis.
    Study in particular medicine and science and technology studies from a confluent point of view.(Subject of research)
    JSPS Research for the Future Program
    Fatigue characteristic evaluation of bio-titanium alloy
    Effects of Mechanical Stress on Corrosion Resistance of Metallic Biomaterials
    Evaluation of corrotion wear of Co-Cr alloy
    Fatigue characteristic evaluation of beta-bio-titanium alloy
    Influence of surface modification of bio metal material cause to organism
    Fracture characteristic of bio-apatite ceramics
    HAP Ceramics and HAP layer Formed on It’s Surface in a Simulated Body Fluid
    Preparation and bio-function evaluation of organic – inorganic hybrid bio composites
    Construction of fatigue life improvement by surface treatment technology of titanium alloy for medical cares
    Fatigue characteristics evaluation of β type titanium alloy having a notch
    Fatigue characteristics evaluation of titanium alloy having a hole
    Fatigue characteristics evaluation of SUS316L steel having a hole
    Evaluation of Fatigue Characteristic of Ti-6Al-4V alloy shaped by Metal Powder Layered Method
    Evaluation of fatigue properties of electron beamed and laser peened Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloy
    Evaluation of 4-point Bending Fatigue Properties for Titanium Alloy Interlocking Nail
    Effect of notch factor on torsional fatigue property of pure titanium and stainless steel
    Evaluation of corrosion wear characteristics of biomedical Co-Cr alloy with a surface modification by ELID grinding
    Evaluation of corrosion fatigue properties of pre-strained SUS316 and SUS304 steel
    Effect of notches on fatigue properties of β titanium alloy
    Proposal of evaluation method of adhesion strength of apatite films deposited on titanium alloy
    Evaluation of fatigue characteristic of titanium alloy by shot-peening
    Evaluating of corrosion wear resistance of Co-Cr alloy with designed surface by scratch
    Investigation on Bad Fit of Locking Plate for Osteosynthesis
    Evaluation of shear adhesion strength of titanium alloy coated with apatite thin film
    Evaluation of bending fatigue properties of three-dimensional modeling titanium alloy subjected to surface modification process
    Fabrication of artificial bone by reef-building coral and its characteristics
    Evaluation of the torsional fatigue characteristics of the titanium alloy
    Evaluation of fretting fatigue properties of titanium alloy
    Evaluation of fatigue characteristic of Pure titanium alloy by shot-peening
    Influence of simulated body fluid on the interface strength test of apatite coating titanium
    Evaluation of the corrosion characteristics of the injection molding machine for SKD61 material
    Fatigue strength of pure titanium which has been subjected to shot peening and its mechanism
    Evaluation of load applied to the knee brace with a link mechanism
    Evaluation of corrosive wear characteristics of the titanium-based metal material that has been subjected to surface design
    Torsional fatigue characterization of surface-modified 3D modeling titanium alloy
    Evaluation of the fatigue characteristics of the 3D layered manufacturing cobalt chromium alloy
    Examination of the low profile of the spinal implant
    Influence of microstructure on the fatigue properties of pure titanium employing severe plastic deformation for grain refinement.(
    Evaluation of interfacial strength in thin-film coating material for medical use
    Evaluation of the distal fixing strength of the intramedullary nail implant
    Effect of strength due to laser marking to medical titanium material
    Development of lower limb muscle strength measurement equipment
    Evaluation of fretting fatigue characteristics of the different medical metal material
    Evaluation of torsional fatigue characteristics of the β titanium alloy(Proposed theme of joint or funded research)
    Mechanics characteristics evaluation of medical material

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    metal material, Titanium, SUS316L, Co-Cr alloy, Test method, 表面改質, Fatigue, Fatigue life, Functional Material, Fatigue, Titanium alloy, Surface treatment, Cell, biomaterial, Bio-material, Bio-function, Preparation, Process, Corrotion, fracture mechanics, Hole, apataite, Bio affinity, Wear, Screw, Composites, Notch factor, Taitanium alloy, Crack propagation