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Faculty Information

Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Nobuhiro Suzuki
Nobuhiro Suzuki
  • Job title
    Associate Professor
  • Research
    Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Abiotic Stress Responses of Plants
  • Profile

    2004-2010 University of Nevada, Reno
    Molecular mechanisms regulating heat stress response of plants
    2010-2014 University of North Texas
    Reactive oxygen species signal underlying systemic acquired acclimation of plants to abiotic stresses
    2014- Sophia University Faculty of Science and Technology
    Signal networks regulating different types of abiotic stress responses in plants(Subject of research)
    Molecular mechanisms regulating different types of heat stress responses in plants
    Response of plants to stress combinations

  • Degree

    学士(香川大学), 修士(香川大学), Ph.D(University of Nevada Reno), 博士(生物化学及び分子生物学)(ネバダ大学リノ校)

  • Research Interests

    Plant Science, abiotic stresses, signal network