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Sophia University / Faculty of Science and Technology

Ikuko Yairi
Ikuko Yairi
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  • Research
    Informatics / Intelligent informatics
  • Profile

    Research Field: Informatics, Media and Communication Science and Technology Main theme: Applied research:(1)Barrier-free ubiquitous mobility support system, (2)Geographic information system for disabled pedestrian navigation, (3)Universal-designed interactive map contents and interface, and so on. Basic research: (1)Spatial and graphic information representation method with sound and touch without vision, (2)Interactive interface design for the aged, the disabled and children, (3)Community support for offering spatial information, and so on.
    (Subject of research) Clinical research on technical acceptance and human-centered design of socially vulnerable people such as the elderly and the impaired

  • Degree

    Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering(The University of Tokyo)